Skrillex – “Would You Ever” ft. Poo Bear | Review

Skrillex goes all mainstream on us with his comeback single, “Would You Ever,” featuring Poo Bear.

Skrillex is known as one of the biggest dubstep dudes in the game, so with the release of his more tropical-house inspired single, there were always going to be naysayers – but are they right to be so negative?

Well, kinda.

Let’s get one thing straight, “Would You Ever” is impeccably produced, Bear sounds amazing over the house production and the track fits in with exactly what’s popular right now.

But that last point is partially the problem, do you really come to Skrillex to hear what you can hear elsewhere?

It’s the same thing with Lady Gaga, you want the wacky and outlandish, so when “Million Reasons” was released, of course, there was backlash.

We’ve come to expect less pure dubstep tracks from the producer of late, but it’s still slightly lacklustre.

Check out Skrillex’s new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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