Le Grind – “Bricks” | Review

Move over Scissor Sisters, Le Grind may have just released the most amazingly flamboyant track I've ever heard with their new single, "Bricks."

Le Grind are a trio of musicians, fronted by Reyna Lauren, that have quickly made their mark on the underground club scene, and are hopefully coming to take over the mainstream!

It's no surprise they're a Gaydio favourite, "Bricks," as well as their other singles, are perfect for the gay audience, I mean, imagine this coming on in a gay bar – you'd lose your shit! "Bricks

"Bricks" is a thumping dance-floor anthem about working hard to be successful that will have you shouting from the worktops.

Lauren's vocals climb right above the dance-tastic production and energise your soul and give you new life!

I genuinely haven't listened to a song like this in recent memory, it makes you literally want to stand up and groove around your living room, office, fuck it, even the bus!

Check out "Bricks" below, and after dancing for the whole track, let us know what you think in the comments!


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