OneRepublic – “Champagne Supernova” | Review

Above average band, OneRepublic, have done a below average thing and covered Oasis‘s “Champagne Supernova,” badly.

Sometimes there are really good reasons for covers to happen, a death, for charity, in honour of a special anniversary, but most times you get totally pointless covers for no reason.

Now, Oasis are a British treasure, icons all around the world that flew the flag for Brit-pop, so covering them is always a tough ask – for some reason, OneRepublic thought it was smart to be the band to cover them.

Now, OneRepublic and their lead singer, Ryan Tedder, are very talented people, so God knows what was going through their heads here.

I would have respected them if they changed the track up, put their stamp on it and made it their own, but they haven’t! It’s literally a straight cover and I’m very confused!

For such an unnecessary cover, you’d think something would have been done with it, but it looks like the band have gone for the ‘homage’ option – it fails majorly!

Is it sang well? Yes. Is the instrumental done well? Yes. Does that make it good? No.

Back to the drawing board, please!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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