Tom Forest – “Believer” | Review

Tom Forest has never sounded as raw as he does on his new single, the soulful “Believer.”

Forest burst onto the scene with the first single to be taken from his debut album, “Summer.” The track had a lighter feel, matching the lighter tone of the track, with his voice still being the main attraction.

“Believer” has a much more raw and emotional tone to its predecessor – possibly due to its link to a much more personal topic.

Creating an album wasn’t easy for Forest, he states; “last year I was in a dark place with music, it felt like life was telling me it was time to stop. To make an album took a huge amount of support from friends and family.”

Lyrically, the track sounds as though he’s writing from his families point of view –  a raw topic of self-doubt and stress only matched by the rawness of his voice.

We’re glad he was able to make more music though, as having “Summer” and “Believer” make our lives that little bit better!

Check out “Believer” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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