Kerri Watt – “Old School Love” | Review

Kerri Watt‘s acoustic, soft pop vibes are exactly what you need in the stressful life you lead, and “Old School Love” is just the song!

Mature pop doesn’t get much better the music that Watt makes, it’s emotional, inspired, and most importantly, it’s actually pretty good.

Mature pop often gets brushed as being boring, and to be honest, some of it can be, but there are gems like Watt that bring the genre to life.

“Old School Love” has a softer, more ballad-esque approach than her previous singles “The Wild” and “Long Way Home,” and it serves the story well, paying attention to the lyrics that pay homage to her fans.

Watt’s beautiful vocal is the main attraction here, the simple production just puts emphasis on it and allows it to shine bright above the beat.

The epic and timeless sounding track will be a staple on the radio where she is already an A-Listed artist, BBC Radio 2, for many months to come!

Check out “Old School Love” below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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