Matty Carter + Ariel – “Voices” | Review

Newcomers, Matty Carter + Ariel, are already making waves across the Atlantic, now it’s time for the U.K to get excited over their genre bending sound.

Being new in a very crowded pop scene, you either need to stand out from the crowd, or do what everyone else does, just better – luckily, and excitingly, for us, they’ve chosen the first option!

The duo’s debut single, “Voices,” is one of the freshest sounds we’ve heard all year, so we’re pumped to hear what their upcoming EP, Young Bones, will sound like!

The track implements lite-trap, a vintage 80s-esque melody brushed over with a big pop brush and sprinkled over the top is a little rock, in the form of an amazing guitar solo – it literally has something for everyone to enjoy.

One name comes to mind when you hear Carter’s voice; Michael Jackson, both his delivery and tone are similar to the King of Pop, as the song goes on you lose this comparison through his more spoken flow – but still, quite a nice comparison to have!

If you’re after a track that sounds like nothing else out there at the moment, then “Voices” is for you!

Check the track out below and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!



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