State Of Sound – “Heaven” | Review

You’ve heard the song a million times in some form or another, now it’s State Of Sounds turn to take on the classic Bryan Adams hit, “Heaven.”

Well, half of you will know this as Adams emotional hit, the others will know it for the pumped up remix by DJ Sammy and Do, way back in 2002 – can you even believe it was that long ago!?

We interviewed SoS last week about their latest single, “Love Me Light That,” as well as exciting things they have coming up – they left this cheeky little number out!

It’s a tough ask to take on such a popular and well-known song, especially when there are two popular versions already – but do they succeed?

Well, yes!

Rather than go for a straight cover of either version, they’ve taken the track a put their own 2017 stamp all over it! In fact, you’d think it was their own song if you weren’t paying attention to the lyrics.

The upbeat, tropical tempo keeps in with the trademark sound that the band have used since they burst onto the scene – perhaps with a slight nod to DJ Sammy with it’s slightly more dancier chorus breakdown than their past hits.

SoS are quickly making their names as a feel-good, summer vibe band, we can’t wait to see if they have any surprises in store?

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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