Camila Cabello – “Havana” | Review

Camila Cabello has gone and released two tracks on us, “Havana” and “OMG,” but to be quite honest, “Havana” is the only one to get excited about.”

So, “Crying In The Club” wasn’t the big hit that everyone thought it was going to be, but let’s be honest, it was still great.

Now, she’s decided to grace us with two singles in the hope that one of them will take off – they also both feature two relatively huge rappers, Quavo and Yung Thug.

To be real, “OMG” isn’t really a banger, it’s trap, hip-hop influences bop that has been done by many in the past, so we’ll skip past that – “Havana” is where it’s at!

From the very first moment you can tell Cabello is giving us a different vibe with this single, with the Latin inspired production, it’s a nod to her origins – and it completely suits her voice!

It’s not a bop that makes you want to get up and dance, but it does make you want to be sat by a pool with a cocktail enjoying life!

It has an undeniable groove that’s irresistible, and Yung Thug’s verse fits right in, rather than the crowbarred verse from Quavo.

Cabello has definitely found her sound, although, of four tracks she’s released, they’ve all sounded different and three of them have been pretty fucking good!

Listen to “Havana” and “OMG” below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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