Grace Mitchell – “Capital Letters” | Review

Grace Mitchell is just great, isn’t she? The indie-pop star has shown us another side to her with new single, “Capital Letters.”

We fell for Mitchell the first time we heard her on “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” and then more so on the epic pop moment that was “Now” – since then “Cali God” and ballad “Come Back For You” have just cemented that love for her!

“Capital Letters” has more of an indie vibe to it than “Now” and a less rock side than “Kids,” so you know, it’s just another tool in her arsenal.

It’s so cool to see an artist play with their sounds than stick to a particular genre across continuous singles – show the fans and the rest of the world what you can do!

Mitchell has a knack for writing a killer chorus, both lyrics and melody – even the rockier songs she has use pop elements that wedge the words in your head for days!

Is “Capital Letters” her strongest track so far? No, but it is still better than most of the tracks released this week, which really says something about Mitchell’s talent!

Check the single out below and let us know what you think below!

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