Mike Hawkins – “Undercover” | Review

Mike Hawkins has returned with possibly his best song yet with his new single, “Undercover.”

The chillwave producer has recently left his former label and started his own, Vaypor, and by the sound of his music, it’s the greatest decision he’s ever made.

Let’s get to the point, possibly the greatest part of this song is the way the chorus erupts with an everything but the kitchen sink, Kelly Clarkson, “Since You’ve Been Gone” like explosion – it’s one of pops greatest elements and it works perfectly on this chillwave track.

The retro-pop vibes of the track really add that layer of familiarity that everyone loves when listening to an artist they’ve possibly never listened to before.

The vocalist – who I’ve tried desperately to find the name of – is also amazing, her voice adds to the track but she doesn’t overshadow Hawkins work, they compliment each other very well.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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