Thomas Gold – “Dreamer” ft. Mimoza | Review

Thomas Gold might just have a hit on his hands with his Mimoza assisted new single, “Dreamer.”

We all know Gold is a fantastic producer, he’s created hit after hit to lesser commercial success than the likes of Calvin Harris and David Guetta – but here’s the tea, he’s actually made better tracks!

“Dreamer” is no different.

Coming from more of a mainstream angle, this track contains the tropical-house flavourings that are just huge right now – he’s going for Gold on this one (sorry about the pun).

What makes this song different to all the other tropical-house tracks is it’s massive drop in the chorus, most t-house songs kinda flounder and never really make a statement – the beat here could make your insides fall out it comes in that strong!

Mimoza is also fabulous here, her vocals have the perfect accent to them to fit with the vibes of the track – we could genuinely listen to her voice all day!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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