Kesha Performs “Praying” and “Woman” on Good Morning America

Kesha dropped by the Good Morning America studio earlier today to promote her new album, Rainbow (out this Friday), performing both “Praying” and “Woman.”

Yes, Kesha, for the first time in five years is about to release an album, and we sure as hell can’t wait if the proceeding singles are anything to go by!

During the interview, Kesha not only discussed the album and it’s sound, but what it meant to her to actually be able to release an album following the court battle with former producer, Dr. Luke.

Kesha also warmed her pipes up by singing two already released tracks off the album, lead single, “Praying” and fan favourite, “Woman.”

“Woman” doesn’t have the same kick to it when you take out the “motherfucking,” does it? But it still shows us the attitude that Kesha has always shown!

“Praying” is where it’s at though, the emotionally charged single can make even the toughest man cry – and how nice is it to hear her strong af vocal?!

Rainbow is coming! Are you excited? Let us know in the comments!

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