Steve Angello – “Genesis” | Review

Steve Angello, a former member of Swedish House Mafia, has gone and dropped two tracks on us (wrapped in a nice little EP type package called Genesis), “Breaking Kind” and “Rejoice,” unfortunately, neither give us life.

Angello is one hell of a DJ, coming close to being in the top ten in the world on many Top 100 polls, but his latest two releases only show flashes of his greatness.

Obviously going for a whole religious concept over the next few releases, his first pairing are under Genesis – a ten-minute long package over two songs!!”Breaking Kind,” featuring Paul Meany,

“Breaking Kind,” featuring Paul Meany, is a cute little electro-house track, but it just goes through the motions, it seems much more of an album track than a lead single.

The chorus has huge thumping crashing synths, but it just needs something more to take the track to the next level.

“Rejoice,” featuring T.D Jakes, connects more with the religious concept due to Pastor Jakes’s speech that’s played over the beat.

The gospel like track over seven minutes long! It takes three and a half to reach the first breakdown, which lasts only 20 seconds.

I understand the song, it ties the concept together, it adds an authentic layer to Angello – but why couldn’t this be left on the album as a little surprise?

Check out Genesis below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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