Amberay | Interview

We had a little chat with Amberay, who is now in sunny Ibiza, about her new single, "Woman Like A Fantasy," her debut, "I Say Stop," and what's next from the young star.

Hi, Amberay! How are you today?

Very well, thank you, always feeling magical in Ibiza.

We’ve got to talk about your infectious new single, “Woman Like A Fantasy!” How did the track come about? 

When I was a little girl I always wanted to grow taller, have longer hair… well, this is me imagining, the beautiful woman I want to become.

This song is all about a beautiful woman in love, how she feels, how it feels to be in love while describing the shape of her body, saying women are irresistible, an ideal woman, she compares the feeling of knowing how it feels to a rose in the middle of your heart, she compares herself to a majestic glass of red wine and how such beauty should be hidden away. As I say love is not only for words to be written its something to feel.

The production of the track is absolutely marvellous! Did it take long to nail down the sound and vibe for the single?

Usually, we are an exceptionally fast team so we take about 2 to 3 days to complete a track. For « Woman like a fantasy » we did a demo the first day which came along with fresh ideas. The second day we have structured the song and the third day we did the finishing touches. We had a true good gut feeling by then.

The video for “Woman Like A Fantasy” perfectly matches the tone of the track! What was it like to film in such a glorious location?

Not only we were lucky to film in this glorious location but with Jacques Steyn, we also had a glorious film director who had a true understanding of my song and it made it all very special.

The sound is so different to your last single, “I Say Stop!” Crossing just two songs, we hear influences from the likes of Grimes all the way to Robyn and Corinne Bailey Rae, but who are your musical influences?

Since a young age, I have looked up to Al Green and Michael Jackson, and the different sounds I use with every song will be the beauty of my album because you will always recognize my voice, my lyrics and my melodies. I would like to continue to be different, I'd like to give you a different sound and give you a different mood each time. I want my fans to travel with me and share my journey. My imagination is like a world of never ending ideas.

Talking of “I Say Stop,” how did it feel to gain so much acclaim from your very first single ?!

It gave me so much confidence and courage to continue, I thank everyone who loved the song.

When you step into the studio, do you go in with an idea of how a song is going to sound, or do you just let the music take a life of its own?

Well if I had to choose between those two I would have to say the music takes a life of its own but then it wouldn't be the whole truth. When I enter the studio I have a bunch of ideas, melodies recorded on my phone. So we listen to my recordings and we choose the best melodic idea I had in the week. We start with the melodie (simple piano or other ), I sing the melodie on the microphone and then the words come to me naturally. I record directly my lyrics and scribble them at the same time on a piece of paper. It usually takes me two hours all recorded in the box.

We must point out that you’re only young! At 15 years old, you’ve already made your mark on the pop landscape! How do you see your career progressing in the short term? Is there an album planned and what is it/would you like it to sound like?

In fact, I have already an album of twelve songs. However, for now, we are enjoying releasing single by single, I would like to make every single an event and travel with it worldwide so fans can get to know me first and as for the sound, it's a  different mood for every song but trust me the album will be harmonic and you'll know it's me.We will be touring in Paris, Milan, New York, LA and in 18 months we will be ready for a concert in Japan.

If someone came up to you tomorrow and said you could collaborate with any artist on this planet, who would you choose, and why?

Do I only have one choice hahaha. I would love to work with "The Weeknd" because he has a very unique new sound and  I also would love to work with Tinie Tempah and Ed Sheeran.

Thank you for chatting with us and good luck with the success of “Woman Like A Fantasy!”

There we go, expect some new music very soon!!

Check out "Woman Like A Fantasy" below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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