Avicii – “Lonely Together” ft. Rita Ora | Review

Avicii is back from his music hiatus with a brand new EP, Avīci, and because we’re a pop site, we’re looking at his most ‘pop’ single, “Lonely Together,” featuring also returning pop star, Rita Ora.

Will we get round to reviewing the EP? Possibly, long as it’s better than his last piece of work.

So yes, Avicii has retired from touring, because you know, when you get so big you’ve got to do shit like that and now he’s back to releasing music with fellow returnee, Ora.

“Lonely Together,” to be quite honest, is a tad boring – it’s not the hit that we all needed (or wanted) for Avicii’s big musical comeback.

The house infused EDM track just doesn’t hit the right spots for us, is it because EDM has become less popular since Avicii’s last outing? We don’t know, it just doesn’t do it.

One good thing about this single is that it’s a sign that the producer is leaving his ‘authentic’ country inspired EDM behind – it was alright for the overplayed “Wake Me Up,” but a whole album? Really?!

Another problem here is that Ora doesn’t sound like Ora, it could genuinely be anyone. I had the same problem with Demi Lovato on the Cheat Codes track, why have a big name (presumedly to draw streams) and then change their voice in post-production so much that it doesn’t even resemble them anymore?

We’ve previewed the EP, and to be honest, there does seem like there are better songs there, so watch this space for the possible EP review.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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