Kesha – “Rainbow” | Album Review

Finally, Kesha has released her third album, Rainbow, where she proves she’s in control of her own destiny.

We all know the journey that Kesha has had to go on to be able to release this album, and after such a public battle with Dr. Luke to get there, she’s here and better than ever.

However successful this album is, it’s chart placement and sales are insurmountable to the feat of the fact that she’s actually been able to release the album – as, at one point, her entire career was in doubt!

A casual listener would turn around and say; “Kesha’s gone country,” and while there are a number of country songs on the album, it holds so much more breadth and versatility than just being labelled as a ‘country album’.

Tracks like “Hunt You Down” and “Spaceships” are the most outright country tracks, while “Finding You” runs into more of a country-pop offering and “Godzilla” is a joke-like acoustic track where Kesha ponders questions like; “what do you get when you take Godzilla to your mom?”

We all know Kesha loves rock and metal music, so of course, on an album where she’s in control she’s going to bring in these elements with a Kesha twist, take “Let ‘Em Talk” and “Boogie Feet.” Both tracks are freeing in terms of just wanting to dance and move like an idiot, but you can also hear the joy in her voice for finally being able to do what she wants to do!

Kesha released quite a few track before the release of the album (“Woman,” “Praying,” “Learn To Let Go” and “Hymn), and on the album tracklist they are all bunched together, which is quite the risk if you’ve chosen to release the ‘best’ songs off the album first – while they are some of the strongest on the album, thankfully, it doesn’t take away from the rest of the album due to the breadth of sounds.

“Praying” stands as the main focus on the album with its total honesty teamed with the power in Kesha’s vocal that we have never heard before. If anyone has a dry eye whilst listen to this, or at least doesn’t feel slightly emotional – they must be dead inside!

“Learn To Let Go” and title track, “Rainbow” stand as two other highlights on the emotional album. Where the prior takes an up tempo pop sound that’s reminiscent of Paramore and talks of letting go of what bring you down in order to rise to higher heights, the title track is a beautiful ballad.

Kesha stated before the release of “Praying” that she has never released a proper ballad, well this album has delivered us two ridiculously strong ballads. “I know that life is scary” Kesha admits on “Rainbow,” where she opens her wounds, “Our scars make us who we are,” and it makes for a beautiful moment.

Who knows how well this album is going to perform commercially? But as I stated at the beginning, it doesn’t really matter. The fact that this album has been created and actually released in the first place is an absolute milestone in the new, freeing era for Kesha.

Check out the beautiful album below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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