Avicii – “Avīci” | EP Review

Avicii is stuck in the past on his new, surprise EP, Avīci.

If you take yourself back to 2013/14, you’ll remember that Avicii was the biggest producer/DJ on this planet, you literally couldn’t turn the radio or TV on without hearing “Wake Me Up” or “Hey Brother.”

Well, a few years have passed since then, and now he’s back with new music.

Let’s start positive, the Rita Ora featured track we reviewed yesterday, “Lonely Together,” is the best of the bunch, and although you can’t tell it’s Ora, it’s a bop we’ll accept.

The rest of the tracks follow the acoustic/country vibes we’re used to hearing from him – for better or worse – but they all just feel a bit dated.

An EP should excite you, make you want an LP from the artist, other than “Lonely” and “Without You” featuring Sandro Cavazza, it leaves you a little dry.

Avicii back in the “Levels” and “I Could Be The One” days, he was fresh and exciting, Avīci, is simply dated!

Check out his latest EP below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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