Maja Francis – “I’m Not A Disco” | Review

Maja Francis continues her run of fun, dream-like pop amazingness on her new single, “I’m Not A Disco.”

Oh, look, another artist from Stockholm, Sweden, is making fabulous pop music – I think I’m just going to move there because every great pop song seems to come from there!

Over the last couple of year, Francis has released some absolutely banging tracks that have failed to make a big mainstream impression – but who cares, the general public are totally missing out!

“I’m Not A Disco” stays with her signature of huge, epic pop songs, but adds a layer of haziness to it which turns the track into a dream-like, almost hypnotic song.

Francis’s soft vocals work perfectly with the tone of the song – let’s be honest, this melody is pretty fucking awesome and if it’s not stuck in your head for a considerable amount of time you must have something wrong with you!

We’ll have our eyes on Francis to see what else she delivers in the near future!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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