Suzi Wu – “Taken Care Of” | Review

Suzi Wu continues to amaze us with her second single, “Taken Care Of,” from her upcoming EP, Lucky Number (Sept.8).

As far as debuts go, Wu had a pretty big smash on her hands with “Teenage Witch,” a deep cut set over polished, yet edgy production that had everyone talking – NME and Clash to name just two!

“Taken Care Of” continues the autobiographical nature of Wu’s songwriting, which really helps you connect to the rising star!

Speaking about the brilliant pop tune, Wu said; “’Taken Care Of’ is about the things that made and broke me as a child, and finding power in my inability to be perfect. I wrote it for teens and children who are lost and who lead double lives”.

The track opens with an intro, just like her debut; “She asked me who’s taking care of me/ I said: I take care of me” – a theme we hope will continue across Lucky Number.

The production here is much more pop than “Teenage Witch,” the beats are a lot more polished and the melody has a much more pop orientated vibe to it – the alternative sounds and attitude is still there, and she pulls it off perfectly!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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