Liv Dawson – “Painkiller” | Review

Liv Dawson has already proved herself as a force in the pop world, but “Painkiller” takes her to a whole new level.

The 19-year-old has had her style down since her first single “Tapestry,” and since then has just continued to mould and evolve her sound into more confident pop hits.

“Painkiller” is one of those songs that just grabs you by the heartstrings and takes us to a place most of us have been at least one in our life – thanks to her brilliant songwriting.

The lyrics discuss going on a night out and texting an ex, a current partner or even someone that you have a crush on when you’re heavily intoxicated and waking up in the morning and having that crappy feeling in your stomach the next day…

This evening I’m still broken/Can’t believe we haven’t even spoken/It’s not that hard to text or call/Do you not even care at all?

Dawson’s voice perfectly flows with the dance-pop production that ignites the lyrics and helps lift them and hit the emotional heights that the song reaches!

Check out her outstanding new track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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