Beatrice Eli – “That’s Not Us” | Review

Beatrice Eli battles her internal demons in a potentially failing relationship on her new single, “That’s Not Us.”

Eli is one of the best pop stars on this planet, hands down! We thought “Careful” was possibly her best single, but her latest totally tramples on it.

Her sonically, and lyrically intense new single is from her upcoming EP, Careful, due out 8th September, is the darkest we’ve ever seen the Stockholm born artist.

The song centres around a rather haunting and harsh synth beat before leading into synthy breakdown which seems to be portraying the confusion and mess of the relationship and what’s happening in her head.

I’ve been thinking about it, how easy and fun it was/Running ’round chasing after each other, like two teenagers.

Eli’s distinctive vocals really carry the emotion here, and it’s also amazing to see her transition from the sonic arrangements of her debut album, Die Another Day, and this dark single!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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