Miley Cyrus – “Younger Now” | Review

Miley Cyrus has shared the title track from her upcoming album, Younger Now, and she’s embracing a ‘new’ her.

Whether you’ve noticed or not, Cyrus is no longer wearing dildos on stage or wagging her tongue everywhere – she’s grown up and isn’t really into hip-hop anymore.

“Younger Now” is an affirmation of what we’ve all said since “Malibu,” the fact she’s changed and she feels like she’s “just woke up.”

“No one stays the same,” she states, and this is true, especially in her circumstance!

The track rides the country-pop wave she’s been going with this era, although it’s slightly more pop leaning than her recent singles, and as you expect, it’s catchy as hell.

I must admit, when Cyrus first came out with her new sound, I wasn’t exactly ecstatic, and I still don’t like her image at all – ‘fake’ is the first word to come to mind.

Cyrus shared a 50s inspired music video for us too, which is nice in an era where artists make us wait months for videos – KATY PERRY!

Check out her new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

One thought on “Miley Cyrus – “Younger Now” | Review

  1. Here’s what I think. Bangerz was excellent; MC and Her Dead Petz (which you didn’t mention) was genius; and this is confirmation of the latter, that she is in fact quite brilliant, no, a transformational artist the likes of which we don’t see very often. I agree with many points you’ve made, but there is nothing fake about this pathologically authentic girl, then or now. She is as transparent a performer and person, emotionally, as one can find, sometimes to her detriment. She is now much closer to what she was most of her life, except without the puppet strings of a studio (allusion to that in the video). Do also keep in mind she is only 24. Madonna had not released her first album until she was 25. And finally, keep in mind that she is most likely the most generous musical celebrity in the world in her age cohort, and she has been since she was 13. Just one of her many causes is the foundation she established several years ago, HappyHippie, which helps homeless and LGBTQ youth, among other things (see: Here is my review of Younger Now:


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