Song Of The Week: Justin Bieber (With Bloodpop) – “Friends” | Review

After dominating the charts for the last year as a feature, Justin Bieber is back with producer, Bloodpop, on new single, “Friends.”

Remember when it was really uncool to like Justin Bieber? Well, doesn’t that seem like yonks ago?! Everything the star touches of late turns into gold – or at least a number one single.

Bieber’s comeback song is quite the fucking bop – thanks to Bloodpop!

Bloodpop helped produce the Biebs hit, “Sorry,” for hisĀ Purpose album a couple of years ago, so when we found out the pair were collaborating again we were pumped – and for good reason, it turns out!

The synth heavy production takes the star back into pop territory after taking a slight break from it and to be honest, it’s a godsend, Bieber does pop very bloody well!

Over the brilliant production, Bieber talks about wanting to make up with an ex, and asking the question, “can we still be friends?” – he does like asking questions, doesn’t he?!

Is this the most original song of the year? No! But does it make you want to move? Most definitely.

Check out the new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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