BLESSED – “See Through All The Colours” | Review

London duo, BLESSED are making everyone pay attention with the club-ready, “See Through All The Colours.”

You know when you hear a song and you just think ‘this is a moment’? Well, that’s what I had with this amazing single.

“See Through All The Colours” is a dancehall-infused, R&B-pop song that is ready for you to dance the night away in the club (or in your room with your hairbrush).

The sisters, Lauren and Georgia, have the confidence here that many newcomers don’t, and it’s assuring to know a talent group know their fucking IT!

“I’m not a basic” they exclaim within the first few lines of the song and continue over the rest of the song to tell their man (or just a man that might become their man) that there “ain’t any other like me.”

Along with the track, a three-track EP of the same title has been released, if “My Yute,” a pure dancehall banger, doesn’t get you moving you must have a hearing problem!

We have our eyes on these girls, we sense something big for the future!

Check out their new EP below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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