Martin Jensen – “Wait” ft. Loote | Review

Martin Jensen has re-released his breakthrough, “Solo Dance,” and just slapped different lyrics and changed the title on his new single, “Wait.”

“Solo Dancing” was a smash that nobody expected, and let’s be honest, it was (and is still) pretty great – but we don’t need a carbon copy do it.

Well, that’s what we’ve got.

“Wait” is Jensen’s new release alongside Loote – who is pretty amazing!

But there are times during “Wait” where you’re like; “is this “Solo Dance?” I mean, it even copies the repetition of certain lyrics in the pre-chorus, the exact same way his breakthrough did.

And it gets worse, the production during the breakdown is practically the same, I played them side by side and you can barely tell the difference!

We’re here for Jensen, we like his stuff, but this just seems like an attempt to recreate the magic he had with “Solo Dance,” and it’s failed.

Like we said, Loote is vocally great, you should check out her latest track!

But, for now, check out “Wait” and let us know what you think in the comments!

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