BYRON – “So Naive” | Review

BYRON has an interesting and intriguing one on his hands, with the gorgeous, “So Naive.”

When you release a debut single, you either have to do what everyone else is doing, but try and be better or be completely unique – BYRON has opted for the latter.

“So Naive” has flashes of modern electronic elements sprinkled in amongst the traditional sounds of the East African influences that make up the song.

It sounds like totally authentic, modern-day soul, which is something we don’t often get nowadays – BYRON is using the term ‘noir wave’ to pinpoint is music.

His vocals are warm and comforting on top of the mid-tempo, feel-good production (even if the lyrics aren’t entirely¬†a happy affair) – it’s just a very homely song.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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