Aly & AJ – “Take Me” | Review

Aly & AJ are finally back with their retro sounding new single, “Take Me.”

We all remember Disney stars, Aly & AJ, right? Unfortunately for them, their music didn’t stand the test of time and is often talked about when the topic of auto-tune comes up.

What the vast majority of people might not realise is that these girls can actually sing!

The pair changed their name to 78violet for a bit, releasing one single, “Hothouse,” before changing it back to the original – we’re glad they’re back!

We can’t lie, at first we weren’t sure what to expect when we saw that the pair were releasing new music, but it’s actually really fucking good.

When artists are remembered so much from a particular time, it’s hard to break that memory – but the girls look and sound nothing like they used to so other than the names, it’s like they’re a brand new group.

“Take Me” has an 80s, anthemic pop sound that will have all the girls screaming the chorus into the hairbrush!

The song allows the pair to show us a different side to them that we haven’t seen before, like, these vocals are strong and the melody is made to stick in your head for days!

Aly & AJ might sound completely different to before, but they still know how to make a hit.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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