Moxi – “Figures Bathed in Light” | Music Video

Moxi have released the dark video that was inspired by an almost fatal real life event for their latest single, “Figures Bathed in Light.”

Indie-pop band, Moxi, are one of the most exciting bands around, taking the indie-pop genre and blending it with lite-dreamwave (Troye Sivan) makes them stand out from the overcrowded and ever growing indie collective.

The music video tells the real life story of the duo’s, Anna Toy and Andy Toy, escape from a near-fatal car crash – which is pretty evident from the scenes where Anna is found lying on the ground.

The fast cutting video shows the intensity of not only the moment but the emotional response to such a tragic event.

Most of the video is pretty dark, to match the tone of the song, but parts of the visuals are bright white, possibly relating to heaven, and figures that could possibly relate to angels coming to collect them – is it a far stretch? Maybe, but they are all messages you can take from the interesting and haunting visual.

The visuals are from the title-track of their latest EP which is amazing and make us yearn for a full-length album!

Check the emotionally charged video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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