Opāru – “The Deep End” | Review

Opāru blends together a range of genres on her latest single, “The Deep End.”

Opāru is the musical endeavour of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Dianna St. Hilaire, and my god is it something special!?

To simply call the “The Deep End” an electro-pop song would be rude to it and Opāru, while it does have electro-pop running through its veins, it also has 80s as well as alternative rock and stadium rock influences – especially on the final chorus!

Opāru’s delicate and distinctive vocals, that sound similar to t.A.T.u in parts, contain a nice contrast the deeper production as it glides over them.

Talking of the song, Opāru revealed; ““The Deep End” is about a unique equality between two people on an emotional and physical level. Our survivability paired with our own hopes and dreams and how we can make them a reality for each other by helping one another to change the world” – love is not dead after all!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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