Tayá – “When You’re Sober” ft. Yxng Bane | Review

Tayá brings some 2006 Mariah Carey mixed with Ciara vibes on her latest track, “When You’re Sober,” featuring Yxng Bane.

Tayá has released quite a few singles over the last few years, but with the release of “When You’re Sober,” we feel this is the part when her career goes to the next level.

The track is a pretty little R&B song that is extremely reminiscent of mid-naughties R&B hits by the likes of Ciara – a better time of the genre when things didn’t sound alike – yet it still sounds very modern.

Vocally, we get strong Carey vibes, maybe it’s the arrangement or the fact that Tayá has some powerful pipes on her, but we can hear a similar pattern to “We Belong Together” – in a good way, of course, MiMi was the queen back in the day.

Often, such strong similarities can take away from a track, but here they sound more like influences and Tayá sounds like an old-school R&B star, which we’re totally here for.

Banes difference between his singing style and spitting bars adds a nice little layer during the bridge that splits the track up – and for a change nowadays, the feature doesn’t sound shoehorned into the track.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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