Fergie​ – “You Already Know” ft. Nicki Minaj | Review

Fergie-Ferg is back and her album campaign is now in full swing, starting with the Nicki Minaj assisted track, “You Already Know.”

To say Fergie’s Double Dutchess has had a messy album campaign is a bit of an understatement, in fact, it dates back to the 2014 release that was “L.A Love” – which was a bop!

Well, now we get two tracks for the price of one, this track, “You Already Know” and the Rick Ross assisted “Hungry.”

The current track has strong nods to 90s hip-hop with its throwback vibe and its similarity to many of the R&B/hip-hop tracks of the day.

Like Ferg’s last track, “Life Goes On,” it’s hella upbeat and fun living – but this time we get classic Fergie style rapping, which we have missed over the last 10 years!

The melody of the songs has a familiar sound of some of the house tracks you hear nowadays, but that doesn’t take away from the single.

Minaj’s addition to the track is perfect, she fits right in and the pair’s vocals sound great together – it’s also nice to hear Minaj’s vocals over an older time of hip-hop style production.

Is the song perfect? No, the bridge where it goes a bit old-school and saxophones appear it goes a bit off, but it’s not enough to ruin the track.

Listen to Fergie’s new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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