Fifth Harmony – “Fifth Harmony” | Album Review

It’s shit.

Fifth Harmony semi rushed an album out following Camila Cabello‘s dramatic exit back in December, but we really which they hadn’t.

Their self-titled album is flawed before it’s even released; it’s self-titled, be creative! And it’s only 33 minutes long across 10 songs, that is stupidly pointless!

“Down,” the lead single from the album, featuring Gucci Mane, was an absolute diabolical release – the bloody song sounds just like “Work From Home,” but worse!

And that’s exactly the problem, a lot of this album sounds like a B-side of their last full-length release 24/7, but a lot shitter.

“Make You Mad” is just a totally meh song that could have been left off the album, “He Like That” sounds a little bit like “Flex” with its tropical influences, and “Sauced Up” is a totally wack song which is uninspired from the get-go.

There are a couple of saving graces on the LP though, the first being their previous single, “Angel,” the trip-hop style song really suits their voice, and also sounds a lot better within the context of the album.

“Don’t Say You Love Me” is a mid-tempo, acoustic style song that cute the bullshit for a second and get’s down to real emotions rather than just drink, boys and sexiness. The girl’s vocals get a chance to shine and it’s actually great – a definite choice as their next single.

Album closer, “Bridges,” rounds up the album pretty well, half of it is shit with a little sparkle of brilliance – but still, the shit gets in the way!

Check out the album below (if you really really want to) and let us know what you think in the comments!

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