Song Of The Week: Liv Lovelle – “Won’t Say Too Much” | Review

Liv Lovelle stands head and shoulders above the competition this week, with the release of her brilliant debut single, “Won’t Say Too Much.”

This week is pretty crap in terms of brilliant new pop releases, in fact, it’s shit – but that doesn’t mean that Lovelle’s track is just the best of a bad bunch, it’s amazing!

You know a song is going to be an event when it makes you take notice, and when you listen to as many songs as I do on a Friday, you need a song to stand up and make you pay attention!

“Won’t Say Too Much” is an undeniable jam, I mean, have you heard the bass?! Imagine in the club, this song would shake you to your core and you’d be living!

The house style trip-pop track cuts out the big sounds during the chorus, which is rare, and it totally works for the song.

Lovelle’s rap style approach to the verses show us the flow she has, and also work in contrast to her singing vocals that hit in the chorus, which sound equally as good on the ear.

If the charts when on quality rather than artist popularity, then this song would be going number one (or at least top 10) next week, no Miss. Taylor Swift.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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