Taylor Swift – “Look What You Made Me Do” | Review

Oh! What a surprise, the snake Taylor Swift is playing the victim again on her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

A lot of shit has happened since Swift’s 1989 album back in 2014, most notably getting called out for lying and trying to destroy Kanye West’s career over a line in his song “Famous” that calls her a bitch – KIM KARDASHIAN HAD THE THE RECEIPTS!!

We all expected a slight mention of the incident (or at least a mention of Katy Perry) on the new track as we know Swift writes about real life, and it’s not like she’s scared of playing the victim.

What we didn’t expect is a whole song about the situation, which to us seems a little bit desperate to drag out an already dead event – it also doesn’t help with Swift’s Reputation, coincidently the name of her upcoming album!

“I don’t like your little games, I don’t like your tilted stage” she declares on the track (fun fact, Kanye had a tilted stage on his latest tour, hmmm) , as well as admitting; ” I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me,” which is hardly surprising after what happened.

Production-wise, it’s totally unknown territory for the former country star, it’s incredibly dark, racing over electro-synth-pop beats with a chorus that sounds suspiciously like Right Said Fred’s, “I’m Too Sexy.”

Overall, this single is a disappointment in quality and the fact she’s playing the victim again, saying; “Look What You Made Me Do” takes us all back the playground.

We hope the whole of her upcoming album, Reputation, isn’t going to be like this, we need some sort of apology or acknowledgement of a wrong.

“The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now” because she’s most definitely dead.

Check out the stars new track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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