ASHA – “Say My Name” | Review

ASHA is back and sounding a lot more pop on her latest single, “Say My Name.”

The Croyden-born singer’s decision to lean in the more pop direction is a risky one, after receiving critical-acclaim for singles like “WE CAN DO THIS” and “Record Straight,” that rested on lite-R&B vibes, pop could turn away fans…

…well it doesn’t!

ASHA’s soft and delicate vocals work perfectly against the glistening pop production with its laidback bop vibe that’s ready as ready for dancing as it is sitting there on a hazy summers day with a cocktail.

ASHA takes influence from fellow Croyden star, Jessie J, for the odd ad-lib here and there that doesn’t take away from the song, which can’t be said for Jessie – no shade!

The lovey dovey lyrics come from the heart; “’Say my Name’ is about a new love I’ve found and had in my life for two years now, it represents his power and strength and the unconditional love he seems to have for me” (THE405) – usually we’d make a sarcastic comment about having a cold heart and all, but this is actually kinda sweet!

Check out ASHA’s new single below and let us know in the comments!

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