Holland – “Demons” | Review

Holland brings a dark and eerie sound with her latest track, “Demons.”

Following the release of her critically acclaimed ‘Forget Your Name’ earlier this year, Holland is looking to take her sound down a different road while still staying true to her brand.

To call “Forget Your Name” a light song is a stretch, but comparing it to “Demons,” it might as well be a Carly Rae Jepson track!

Speaking on the release, Holland states: “’Demons’ is a dark track about a troubled soul who can’t escape – they’ve fallen into a selfish lifestyle that affects people around them. I feel as if I’m trying to give the subject a reality check whilst still trying to be supportive.

You really get these vibes through both the lyrics (when you’re paying attention) but also the production that not only hits with a hard synthy-electro-pop beat, but you can really feel the “reality check” she’s trying to give.

Holland has a smoky vocal that sets her apart from those that dabble in the genre, such as Indiana or even Lorde (well, old Lorde) – the young artist exudes enough swagger to mark her as a bonafide force in the pop world!

Check out her latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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