Mollie King – “Hair Down” | Review

Former girl-group member, Mollie King is back with the second single from up yet unnanoucned debut album, “Hair Down” – and if I’m honest, I’m a bit bambuzled!

King’s last single, “Back To You,” didn’t exaclty explode on the charts like many predicited, although it was a great track, this one, however, who the hell knows.

“Back To You” showed the minimalistic side to her, holding things back, doing what pop music in 2017 does best, “Hair Down” is a balls to the wall, raving made, horns and everything kinda track – so opposite is a massive understatement,

Collaborating with producer, Xenomania, who produced a few of The Saturday’s and Girls Aloud tracks back in the day, the Fleur East, “Sax,” inspired prouctions sounds like it was picked straight out of the mid-00s – Girls Aloud could have literally had this as a single.

Part of me hates the hectic nature of the produciton and the non-sensical lyrics, but another part of me loves the nostalgic, who gives a fuck vibes that the song offers.

So, this track will definitely be added to the guilty pleasures playlist!

Check out “Hair Down” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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