Zayn – “Dusk Till Dawn” ft. Sia | Review

Zayn is back with new music and comes off as more of a feature than the main attraction on the moody, “Dusk Till Dawn.”

When Zayn first went solo back in 2015 with “Pillowtalk,” it was an exciting moment, the first taste of a lone One Direction star, unfortunately, since there, it’s gone downhill. The parent album failed to make much of an impact and even singles like “Still Got Time” and the Taylor Swift collab, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” haven’t really set a light up peoples backsides.

“Dusk Till Dawn” carries on with the moody and mysterious sounds that Zayn has brought us since his solo debut, albeit, without the harsh electro beats.

But the main problem with this single is the fact that Sia is the feature – she completely swallows him and makes the song her own.

What doesn’t help with the Sia domination is the fact that soon as you hear her voice, you instantly think of a typical Sia ballad, something this song sounds exactly like – listen to 1000 Forms Of Fear or This Is Acting and tell me this doesn’t sound like half of the album!

Sorry Zayn, but you’ve been shown up on your own track!

Check out the cinematic video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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