Song Of The Week: St. Vincent – “Los Ageless” | Review

The second single from St. Vincent‘s newly announced album, MASSEDUCATION, hits all the right spots and delivers one of the most perfect pop moments of the year.

Vincent, real name Annie Clark, released her debut album, Marry Me, which was more piano led before Clark went indie-rock on subsequent albums – now she’s practically gone full pop and we’re living for it!

“Los Ageless” is obviously a name check of Los Angeles, and nods to the lead single, “New York,” but rather than talking about a lost love, she discusses not falling in love at all.

The track is a pulsing synth extravaganza that calls on all the OTT-ness of the 80s and slaps a distorted guitar riff over the track which just adds that extra level to take the song to the next level.

On the chorus, Clark ponders, rather angrily and hauntedly, “how can anyone have you and not lose their mind?” mixing in the personification of the city and a person – she truly is a lyrical genius.

What pulls this song together though is Clark’s wonderfully smoky vocal that sound equally as current as they sound 80s-like.

We can’t wait to hear the whole of MASSEDUCATION on October 13.

Check out the stars latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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