Beatrice Eli – “The Careful” | EP Review

Beatrice Eli wowed us with the intense, ” That’s Not Us,” and continues to blow our minds on its parent EP, “The Careful.”

As we said in our last review, Eli is one of the best pop stars this planet has to offer, and if you don’t agree with that, you have to at least admit that this woman is bloody talented.

Her songs transition between the deep and dark (“That’s Not Us”) and the dance, throw your arms in the air kinda tracks (“Careful”) while keeping her unique tone and focus.

“The First Cut” brings understated synth beats over her classicly deep and meaning lyrics and it acts as the perfect backdrop to a song that could easily be an uplifting, post-heartbreak ballad – much like what Lorde did with “Green Light.”

Eli has a wonderful retro vibe to her voice which really shines through on the soulful, “Eyes Wide Open,” where we receive a version of the star we’ve never heard before.

The highlight of the EP remains the lead track, the dance-pop gem, “Careful,” that just electrifies you on every listen – but we are treated to a piano cover of the track too, a beautiful┬ámoment of the EP that cuts out all the theatrics and puts the emphasis solely on Eli’s gorgeous vocal.

We can’t wait for a full-length album from one of the brightest talents in pop.

Check out the EP below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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