Nina Nesbitt – “The Best You Had” | Review

Nina Nesbitt wonders if she’s “The Best You Had” on her simple yet great new single.

It’s been three years since Nesbitt’s folk-pop debut, Peroxidebut now she’s gone all pop on us and we absolutely bloody love it – we always knew when listening to Peroxide that she’d make a great straight-up pop star.

“The Best You Had” is a track that ponders what an exes (who moved on incredibly fast) new girl is like, from her job to her looks and personality and asks the question if “I’m still the best you had.”

The track is a simple piano led pop ballad that has echo effects, but on the whole rests on Nesbitt’s dreamy vocals and the storytelling that she tells, courtesy of her brilliant songwriting.

We’re coming closer to her sophomore album and we can’t wait to get a full-length taste of pop Nesbitt.

Check out her new track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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