Gary J | Interview

We caught up with rising pop talent, Gary J, to talk about his new single, “Edge Of The Night,” his musical lane and what’s next for the British singer.

Hi, Gary J, how’re you today?

I have been great, thank you!

Congratulations on the release of your debut single! How does it feel to finally have a song out in the pop-sphere?Thank you! It’s a nice feeling to have my music finally out there for people to listen to it. I’ve been working on myself and my sound as an artist for so long that now it feels right to put the hard work out for the world to see and listen to.

What gave you the idea to write this song? Was it a specific event or a string of instances?

It was a specific event. As it says in the title of the song ‘Edge Of The Night’ is inspired by one of the nights out in London approximately a year ago. As I was coming back home with my friends, I had this déjà Vu moment when I just remembered that I had done that before but in the different place at a different time with different people. And it was so strong that when I woke up the next day I still remembered this emotion which inspired me to write the song about how much my life had changed.

You’ve been writing music since the tender age of thirteen! What originally influenced you to write songs? And when did you realise you actually had a strong talent for this?

I think singing songs written by other songwriters since even earlier age inspired me to try it myself. I would say my talent came with hard work and years of writing songs, songwriting is a craft that needs to be developed. Trust me, you would not want to listen to my first songs.

What came first, the songwriting or the singing?
How has moving to London to pursue music affected your songwriting and sound?

As I have mentioned, singing came years sooner than songwriting.
Moving to London has changed my sound in an enormous way. You will definitely get to hear it in my next release, which is quirkier and more alternative pop song than the ‘Edge Of The Night’.

On the track, you sound extremely confident like you’ve been doing this for years? Where does this sense of confidence come from?

Thank you, and yes I have been working on myself and developing my sound for several years now and I still do.

So your debut single sits on the dance-pop/EDM fence, is this the lane that you intend to follow or do you have a few surprises up your sleeve?

There are definitely some exciting musical influences that I intend to incorporate into my music. You can expect to hear some influences from genres like urban pop and dark electro pop in my future releases.


What’s next for Gary J? Another single soon? EP? Album?

You can expect some more singles from me before I decide to release a full album, and I am also planning to hit the road and do some shows and gigs in London.

Thanks for chatting with us!

Check out, “Edge Of The Night” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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