Hatty Keane – “Pointless” | Review

Hatty Keane brings an orchestral edge that lifts her songs to another level on her new single, “Pointless.”

Starting her performing career at the age of 16, Hatty Keane quickly emerged as one of the hottest new talents, going on to tour with the likes of Rudimental, Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran.

After taking time out to refine her sound, she’s back with the larger than life, “Pointless.”

The track works around Keane’s throaty vocal, building a sense of urgency and grandness with the rousing orchestral production.

To say this song is bold is an understatement, it’s pushing the boundaries of pop music as we know it, truly breaking down the genre barriers that have existed since music started.

Speaking on the track, Keane states: ‘Pointless’ was born by my worst fear – To live the run of the mill, mundane life we are expected to. ‘Pointless’ questions the norm, the ideals we have been taught to live by and believe in since we were children.”

Check out Keane’s latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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