Tailor – “Blame” / “Disillusion” | Review

Tailor is breaking onto the solo road with a double release in the form of alt-pop single, “Blame” and “Disillusion.”

Tailor has spent the last year working with various producers and artists, most recently with the likes of , TĀ, Huntar, FTSE and Peking Duk. Influenced by the likes of Francis and Christine and The Queens, Tailor’s sound occupies the vulnerable watershed between alt-pop and soul with an electronic edge.

“Blame” opts for an icy, distorted vocal that almost become at one with the production as they gloss over the retrospective beats, whereas, “Disillusion offers a less altered vocal that works with the more mid-tempo track – both with Troye Sivan, dream-pop vibes.

Speaking on the release of the singles, Tailor explained the lyrical depth behind ‘Disillusion’: “It’s about expectations, and appreciating what you’ve got. Understanding the value in being realistic and not always chasing the things that might not work out…whereas, ‘Blame’ is about taking the hit in a relationship for you and your partner. There are times when it’s not your fault – but it’s an interesting notion to take the blame for “us” and be accepting of what you both are as a unit.

The understated tracks really set out the road that Tailor is looking to follow in terms of sound and lyrics – we can’t wait to see what more he has to offer.

Check out the tracks below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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