Jessie J – “Think About That” | Review

Jessie J delivers some modern day soul with her latest single, “Think About That” – but is it the hit we need from her?

The popstar has been gone for quite a while (other than the taster that was released last month, “Real Deal), 2014 in fact, with her underperforming album, Sweet Talker – something Jessie said made her end up feeling lost.

But now she’s readying a four track EP titled R.O.S.E, after her mother, an album she’s made, not out of fear of music bosses, but out of the passion for music that runs through her veins.

“Think About That” isn’t one of those tracks that’s going to jump straight to the top of the charts or even the top of your playlist, this is one of those songs that’s going to add depth to Jessica Cornish as a singer.

The modern day soul vibe (I’m going to call soul-trip) perfectly suits Jessie’s soulful and restrained vocal as she talks about the pressures of the music industry.

Look, it’s not Jessie’s best single, but it’s hard to take aim at something that’s so full of emotion and personal meaning – it’s like dissing Gaga’s “Joanne” track, or Jessie’s own, “I Miss Her.”

Check out her new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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