Maximillian – “Stranger” | Review

Maximillian is back with his epic new alt-pop single, “Strangers.”

The 18-year-old has already made the rounds across the blog-sphere with his first two releases, “Higher” and “Heard,” which has set the sound that the youngster is set to follow – and we love it.

“Strangers” picks up where previous singles left off, with its minimalist, alt-pop style – to begin with.

The song quickly grows into a trip-pop, rousing style track before exploding into a full on, Troye Sivan style chorus.

Possibly the biggest draw to Maximillian is his instantly recognisable vocal, it has a depth and warmth to it that you don’t often come across in the alt-pop genre – it’s a welcome break to hear warmth instead of icy.

Explaining the lyrics of “Strangers,” the young star stated’ “I feel that sometimes, it’s better to leave the past behind and be a stranger to someone you once knew or to the things you’ve done. Being strangers can be a last resort.”

Check out the stars new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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