Song Of The Week: Rae Morris – “Do It” | Review

Rae Morris is just great, isn’t she? Her new single, “Do It,” proves why she’s one of the brightest talents around.

Morris’s debut album,¬†Unguarded, was a piece of dream-pop perfection, but now the star is turning her sights towards a more mainstream pop sounds – and we’re living for it.

Following the brilliant, “Reborn,” is no easy task, the track was a stark introduction to the new side of the star.

“Do It” opens on an undercurrent of understated synth beats before growing into a summer ready, tropical bop that is perfect for your late summer holidays.

The best thing about the song is its layers, rather than give you all it has to offer by the first chorus, it holds and holds before giving you the full effect on its final chorus, allowing you to never become bored with the sound.

Morris’ vocals are as dreamy and airy as ever – of course, what else would expect from pops next big thing?!

We are more than excited to see what Morris is going to offer us on her next full-length release.

Check out “Do It” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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