Labrinth – “Misbehaving​” | Review

Labrinth is looking to recapture the success of his early career on his latest track, “Misbehaving.”

For a short time, starting in 2011, Labrinth was one of the U.K’s biggest acts, everything he touched seemed to go gold and it was enjoyable, then came the run for his sophomore attempt and things didn’t seem to light up like they used to – even if “Jealous” was a brilliant song.

Well, now the singer is back with the electronic edge that made him a star, but it doesn’t seem to click like it used to.

The track has a throwback soul vibe to it, with a layer of modern day electro sheet popped ontop that just doesn’t quite fit and ends up leaving the song feeling a little bit messy and confused – although towards the end the loose knots do come together a little bit more

We’re fully here for more Labrinth, but we just need a song to light a fire under our asses.

Check out his new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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