Demi Lovato – “Dirty Sexy Love” | Review

Demi Lovato leaves us a bit high and dry with her latest release, “Dirty Sexy Love.”

There is just one week till Lovato releases her new album,¬†Tell Me You Love Me, and the slew of tracks she’s previewed over the last few months gave us hope for her first truly great album – then she shared this track.

It’s not that “Dirty Sexy Love” is a terrible song that has the capability to ruin a whole album, it’s just a little (a lot) meh.

Lovato, much like Jessie J, Jenifer Hudson and other big-voiced stars, always seem to fill their album full of fillers rather than amazing tracks that could possibly stand as singles – they kind of make the album start to drag.

But back to the track, it’s a fun and upbeat song that features a bit of vocal distortion, especially on the chorus – Lovato has an amazing voice that shouldn’t be distorted unless there’s a fucking good reason.

A bit of a dud in what has been a great run up to the album release.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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