Fergie – “Like It Ain’t Nuttin'” | Review

Fergie releases a new track on the eve of her sophomore album and as much as we want to like “Like It Ain’t Nuttin’,” we just can’t.

Let’s be honest, Fergie has taken the absolute piss with the wait since her debut album, The Dutchess, now, with Double Dutchess set to be released within the next couple of hours, she is trying to get the world hyped for it – because singles haven’t exactly been charting high.

“Like It Ain’t Nuttin'” isn’t the kinda track that gets hype, it’s more of an ‘oh I have an album out tomorrow, okay, bye.”

The piano and hip-hop synth-led track has a swagger and cocky attitude that we have learnt to expect from the star, but it is nothing compared to the badass “London Bridge,” or as catchy as her epic “Fergalicious.”

While the song leaves a lot to be desired, the visuals are kinda epic, with Fergie mixing it up a bit and daring to go a bit Gaga-esque with her costume ideas, blonde eyebrows and black, short hair.

Double Dutchess is meant to be a visual experience, and at the moment, we don’t really see the visuals coming together to make a solid story.

We’ll be reviewing the album, so let’s see if the track makes more sense as part of the bigger picture.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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